Project Manager - IT & ELV Systems

      Duties and Responsibilities

      • manage IT & ELV projects in a systematic way

      • assist senior managers in checking and auditing project stock and project workflows

      • manage a team of project coordinators to ensure project is running smoothly, on-time and within budge

      • manage and allocate tasks to different contractors according to project requirements

      • maintain, update, and track performance of contractors according to company policies

      • liaise and work with other people from other departments to ensure that project is in line with business objectives

      • constantly check and monitor projects for potential problems

      • update project records

      Key Requirements

      • must have minimum 2 years work experience as project manager

      • graduated from Engineering or IT field

      • be able to use AutoCAD and Excel

      • must have strong background in IT or ELV field

      • strong knowledge of business process and change management

      • strong knowledge of computer networking, fire alarm, MATV, security and sound system

      • proactive and have good problem solving skills

      • must speak and write English well

      • ability to coach and motivate team

      If you meet the criteria above, send your CV/Resume to